Marc Chagall


Chagall’s repertory of images, such as big bouquets, melancholy clowns, flying fanatics, exquisite animals, biblical prophets, and fiddlers on roofs, helped to make him one of the most famous main innovators of the 20th-century school of Paris. He supplied dreamlike subject matter in rich colors and a fluent, painterly style that while reflecting a consciousness of creative movements which includes Expressionism, Cubism, and even abstraction, remained continuously personal.

Chagall was a painter, printmaker, and designer who based his artwork on emotional and poetic associations. In his early works were among some of the first expressions of psychic reality in modern art. Chagall worked in various media which included, sets for plays and ballets, etchings that illustrated the Bible, and stained-glass windows.

I really enjoyed Chagall’s work, it was very interesting to look at and I was amazed by all the different mediums he learned and would use in his artwork. I was also amazed by the fact that Chagall and I were both born on July 7. It made it more interesting to research him and made me more interested in trying to make artwork like his sometime.


Color Research

Alizarin Crimson is a deep red pigment with a blue undertone. It began as a dye thousands of years ago, it was made from herbaceous madder plant which was native to Asia and Southern Europe. It was prominently used for dyeing clothes and was found in Ancient Eygpt, Persia, and the ruins of Pompeii. Then in the 17th century, the dye was made into a lake pigment that was used across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It was very costly and time-consuming to produce. In the 19th century, the English color man George Field made extensive research into the madder plant and created a more efficient process to create the lake pigment. German chemists, Carl Gräbe and Carl Liebermann were then later able to synthesize the pigment from coal tar. This made alizarin crimson the first natural dye to be synthesized, it also costed a fraction of the price to make.

Alizarin Crimson is made from the original lake pigment, closer to the madder plant.        Alizarin Crimson permanent is the synthetic alternatives.


Artist Reflection

The artist that I relate with the most is Lucas Blalock. I relate with him because he works in a small place and uses random things that he finds. I like that he gets his materials from the 99 cents store or things he finds on the street. I try to do that too, I mostly try to make my art using things I find around my house or on the streets and if I have to buy something I try to go as cheap as I can. His perspective of a “studio” is currently different than mine. Living with my mom does not give me as much space to do my art than he has to do his photography in his living room. It is not very comfortable for me to work in a small space when living with my mom, especially during this time of quarantine.

12 Drawings that Bring Good Memories

All of these objects that I drew fit into my ‘ecosystem’ because they are all things that bring me good memories whenever I am having a rough time, like now during this pandemic.

Flag Proposal

22232D6A-A769-4ADA-B820-FF00182139E8For this flag project, my partner Jodi and I have come up with. We are both cat lovers and have seen that there are many stray cats around the Alfred area and we wanted to bring it to people’s attention. Our flag is more focused on the Alfred University campus but it is everywhere. We would like our flag to be closer to Alfred University but we are not that picky about where it is placed.